Renting In Royal Grand Condominium

local nova southeastern university college students received keys to the rental property

Royal Grand Condominium is one of the top communities for incoming Nova Southeastern University college students who are renting due to its proximity of the college campus. Being one of the few communities that is truly within walking distance of the campus brings the students to choose this community along with a high percentage of like minded people already living here.

Who To Contact To Rent In Royal Grand Condo

Most landlords and owners who own a condo in the Royal Grand community will use local real estate professionals to help them find and place new renters / tenants in their condos near the college campus. You should reach out to local real estate professionals like myself at 954.684.3664 for assistance.

Utilities Included In Rent

All condos located in the Royal Grand community will include your Water, Trash & Sewer “Not Valet Trash” which just states all tenants / renters must take their own garbage to the dumpster.

Not Included In Rent

Renters are responsible for paying their own Electricity, Cable, Internet , Phone, Satellite services.

Approval By Condo Association

All new renters must be approved by the condo association which generally takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks after turning in the application. This step is required after you have signed a lease agreement with the landlord and or real estate agent. The association charges a $100.00 non refundable fee per student or $100.00 for married couples.

Standard Move In Monies Needed

Since these condos are owned by individual unit owners the common practice in this area will require renters / tenants based on having acceptable credit, proof of income which includes Financial Aid, Pay Stubs, Scholarships and other forms of income you should expect to pay equal to three times the actual rent amount to move in which includes “First Months Rent, Last Months Rent & One Months Security Deposit

Paperwork Needed From Renters

When you get ready to start searching and or applying for rental properties in the Royal Grand Condo community or any nearby communities you will need to have certain personal items of information ready to present to the Landlords and or Realtors.

  • Copy Of Photo ID
  • Recent Credit Report
  • Proof Of Income “Pay Stubs, Financial Aid, Scholarship”
  • References “Not All Landlords Ask For This”